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Are  you  looking  for  a  professional  and  high – quality explainer  video  for  your company? Then Avofilm is the perfect choice  for  you!  We are a leading animation and explainer video production studio that specializes in creating custom explainer videos  and  promotional animations  for  companies  of  all  sizes.
Our  expertise  and  experience  allow  us  to  showcase your offering or product in an engaging and professional video that excites and convinces your target audience. We use  our creativity and skills to bring your message to life and convey it in a clear and understandable way.
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First Dialog

As part of our initial consultation, we aim to gain a comprehensive understanding of your product and work together with you to develop the best possible steps to achieve a successful outcome.

☀︎Our goal is to support your company in every way possible. In addition to high-quality explainer videos, we also offer comprehensive services in the field of advertising and explanatory materials. This ensures that you have everything you need to successfully convey your message and achieve your goals.

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The success of our clients is our success, because we are in the same boat with you.


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Adrian Botzenhardt:

We are very satisfied with the end result. The game idea and rules can be explained to the customer in the simplest and most illustrative way.

The collaboration was uncomplicated at all times. Our ideas and wishes were always taken into account, and changes were implemented quickly and reliably.


Saxonia-Franke-GmbH & Co. KG Saxonia Franke GmbH & Co. KG

Brigitte Franke: Avofilm has been working as a graphic designer for the external appearance of our company for 5 years. During this time, Avofilm has designed various graphics and images for various uses and occasions: banners for trade shows, advertising boards for sports clubs, billboards for golf and flying clubs, brochures, coloring pages for traffic education in kindergartens and schools, as well as advertisements in brochures and newspapers. Avofilm’s work is characterized above all by the fact that they provide the best implementation for each application, thus achieving optimal advertising effect and recognition value for our company.


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Special discount for the first project

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Up to 6 free illustrations for your website or social media presence

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How much does an explainer video cost with Avofilm?

Services Bronze Silver Gold Diamond
1.999€/90 seconds
2.999€/90 seconds
4.999€/90 seconds
5.999€/90 seconds
High quality animations
Story _ Visual

Whiteboard and Motion Graphic

Cutout animation

2D frame by frame

Motion Comic

Exclusive poster design

Animation characters with the desired face


Exclusive animation style

Exclusive License

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These images represent a summary of our projects, which include banners, posters, postcards, and illustrations for product packaging.

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